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Apeiro Training Services caters to individuals concerned about up skilling to suit their career progression, visa requirements and obligations. We assist in a range of courses to suit your needs. We use reputable Registered Training Organizations to provide training and qualifications choices. Our objective is to deliver quick and cost effective learning options. Apeiro Training Services is a Perth based entity. Apeiro’s management is a result of "been there, done that” situation. Hence, we will guarantee you qualification options through empathy.

English Coaching (IELTS and PTE) -


We will assist you to achieve your targeted score in IELTS/PTE in one sitting only. Our preparation courses are run by experts with more than 8 years of Experience in Teaching and as Examiner. We are very flexible and put emphasis on all four skills. We provide free materials and equipment.

457 Benchmark Training -


We provide training for employees under the Training Benchmarks Scheme for applicants who hold a 457 visa. We will assist you in fulfilling all necessary obligations. Contributions can be accepted from employer sponsors in the areas of Retail, Hospitality, Logistics, Business Services, Aged Care, Financial Service and other industries.

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