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ADC - Practical Exam Preparation Course

APEIRO Training Services currently offers 2 weeks comprehensive course (Limited candidates per course) to prepare you for your ADC Practical Exam.

Schedule : Saturday to Friday (9 hrs per day) – 14 days

Week 1 - First 2 days(Sat & Sun) Week 1 - Next 5 Days(Mon- Fri) Week 2 - First 2 days(Sat & Sun) Week 2 - Last 5 Days(Mon- Fri)
Demo for first half the Tasks Practise & Assessment Demos for other half the Tasks Practise & Assessment

The course includes:

  • Full Gold crown prep
  • PFM crown prep
  • Endo access cavity
  • Class 2 cavity prep (composite and amalgam)
  • Class 3 composite cavity prep
  • Class 4 composite restoration
  • Class 2 composite restoration
  • Class 2 amalgam complex restoration
  • Provisional crown fabrication
  • Communication task
  • Rubber dam task
  • X-ray on X-ray manikin (Carried out at different location)
  • Infection control
  • Record keeping

APEIRO Training Services will provide the use of ADC manikin (Onedental), dental unit, high and slow hand pieces, gowns, gloves and masks, a set of Instruments will be available for use at the centre only.

You MUST bring the following materials as they are not provided by the centre:

  • BURS
  • Manikins Jaws and teeth (Magnetic Models) - please notify us in advance if your jaws aren’t the magnetic ones.
  • Your own eye protection

All other materials for the course will be provided. We will also provide two 1hour assessment sessions after you finish this course.

You are free to bring any preferred instruments to be used in the centre.

Please note: No Teeth would be included as part of the course fees.

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