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Working in Aged Care Career : 2 Big Misconceptions Debunked!
Working in Aged Care Career : 2 Big Misconceptions Debunked!

Aged Care, a term used for providing physical and emotional support to older people who need assistance for daily living activities. The activities include grooming, taking care of hygiene and providing support for outings and social activities.

Currently, Aged Care is one of the most booming industries of Australia. With the aging population growing at a fast pace, there are more job vacancies available for aged carers than ever before. In fact, There is four times the number of aged care jobs available than the aged care seekers.  More than 100,000 jobs are expected to be created in this industry by 2017 but the candidate supply is significantly low.

So, why there is discrepancy between vacancies and job seekers?

Generally, when people think of aged care, there are many misconceptions revolve around that creates a direct impact on the number of people actively looking to make a career in the industry.

Given below is the list of those misconceptions that are completely wrong and should be busted immediately.


“There is not any scope in aged care career, its only a way of showing benevolence”

Most often, a large number of people resist being an aged carer because they consider it as a charitable work. This is not true! Even though it is required to look after the health and personal care needs of the elderly. An individual is paid for providing these services, with average salary of $66,594 per annum in Australia.

“Working in Aged Care facilities means getting resignation from freedom”

 Aged care industry covers a wide range of roles dedicated to support elderly and improve their quality of life. One has a complete freedom to go for temporary or part-time Aged carer. For instance, skilled nursing communities is one of the best temporary options to opt for. This service is for those residents who need weeks or months assistance recovering from any surgery, heart attack or stroke.

Though Aged care industry has become established as Australia's biggest employer, one has to acquire some skills and qualifications to operate professionally.  A Certificate 3 Individual Support (Ageing) previously known as Certificate 3 in Aged Care is one such recognised qualification that provides knowledge and skills require to become a dedicated aged care worker.

This course is complemented by practical exposure and training in aged care facilities. Completing this course opens a pathway for many job opportunities and also helps to establish oneself as a potential employer.

For students willing to open up their career options they have an option of adding few more units to Certificate 3 Individual Support(Ageing) and get DUAL/ TRIPLE Certificate in Home & Community care and/ or Disability.

For individuals who are willing to climb up the ladder with professional development in their career, they can choose to undertake Cert IV Individual Support for supervisor / management roles. Alternatively, they can opt for Nursing courses to become enrolled Nurse.