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Top 3 Courses That Can Help You Become A Certified Childcarer
Top 3 Courses That Can Help You Become A Certified Childcarer

Child-care is, without a doubt, one of the most flexible, rewarding and inspiring careers in the world. It involves shaping the future of young children by fostering an environment that contributes in their physical, emotional and social development.

Kate Ellis, Early Childhood and Childcare Minister, revealed that currently 1 million children are receiving childcare services in Australia through more than 27,000 family day care educators.

With the industry growing enormously, it’s no surprise to see that more than 50,000 childcare workers will be needed in the next few years.

This massive upsurge in demand for workers means that child-carers are now more important than ever. Since only qualified trainers are allowed to teach accredited early childhood courses that help new childcare graduates find a job.

Do you aspire to contribute significantly in developing the skills and abilities of the next generation? Or want to share this passion by training other people do the same?

Then why not get started with a career as a child care trainer?

Being a child-carer, you can not only ensure the physical and emotional well-being of the children with your faculty but also get high earning opportunities by managing financial, regulatory and operational aspects as per the established guidelines.

However, to work as a certified child-carer, you need to gain a lot of experience, qualifications and industry experience. This includes,

  • The Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

    Child-carers are required to hold one of the ACECQA (Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority) recognised courses to get a relevant job.

    Getting the Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care Perth means you have met the Australia’s minimum standards for child care. It helps addressing the core needs of children and support their well-being and development with the help of an approved learning framework.

    The course also includes 120 hours of work placement to help you gain experience in a child care facility.

  • The Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

    This course provides you with the skills to plan execute and manage the programs in early childhood services and also helps you to develop capabilities required to deal with the challenges involved in the management of early childhood facilities. However, you can only train for qualifications that you hold.

  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

    This course is specifically designed for those who want to be able to train and assess in the Australian vocational education and training sector.

    With the completion of course, you also satisfy the requirements of Australian Quality Training Framework. During the period of this course, you can learn effective planning and leadership skills along with implementing assessment activities and how to engage with the students.


Becoming a certified child-carer is not as difficult as it seems unless you are getting assistance from the right professionals. Being a recognised training organisation, Apeiro Training Services offers a range of childcare courses in Perth to meet your career requirements. Get in touch with our consultants to know how we can help you in achieving your goals.